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Responding to God’s Creation: Biological Science in Year 1/2

This Term in the Year 1/2 class, we are learning all about Biological Science. We have appreciated that God created the world and filled it with an abundance of beautiful plants and animals. This unit ties in well with the Biblical thread “Caretaking the Earth”, where students “actively respond to God’s call to carefully manage all of creation”.

Our art project tied nicely into our Science unit last week as we drew and painted beautiful,…

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Learning and Fun with this Thing Called Water

This Term in Year 2 we are investigating “This Thing We Call Water”. In Science and Humanities, we have been brainstorming all kinds of questions which we would like to find answers for.

In Week 2 we started our investigations. We all wanted to know what shape and colour water was and how come these seem to change? When we experimented with the shape of water we made lots of discoveries. In our small groups…

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Spot the Difference: Year 1 Science

On Thursday, 14 February we had our first combined Year 1 Science lesson. This Term our program is called “Spot the Difference” where students learn about the change in foods through a chemical reaction.

We will also be linking our school threads and looking at “Discovering Patterns,” where students explore and discover God’s patterns and designs for delighting in and/or using for the benefit of all.

One of our challenges this year will be “Overcoming…

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Everyday Science in Year 1

Our Year 1s had some fun during our Chemical Sciences lesson, discovering how everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways to create something new. Each child received:

• some play dough
• 1 matchstick
• 1 straw
• 1 paperclip
• 1 pipe cleaner

They were encouraged to manipulate and change their materials to create something new. Students discovered that materials could be changed in a variety…

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Taking Science Learning to the Next Level

Year 8 students managed to squeeze in one more excursion at the end of an already jam-packed 2018. This was the culmination of their Science learning about Energy, Rock Formation and Body Systems. And so, the year concluded with an exciting excursion to the Murdoch University Anatomy Museum, Algae Research Centre and Mineral Processing Laboratory with real engaging hands-on activities that not only have enriched the students’ educational experience…

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Year 12 Human Biology Students Visit Perth Zoo

In Year 12, Human Biology students are required to have an in depth understanding of the theory of evolution in relation to primates and humans. At school, they have explored the different areas of evidence and cross examined each aspect in order to equip them to be successful in their exams, but also to have a sound understanding of the different perspectives on this topic, both naturalist and creationist.

With that in mind, we set…

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2018 Titration Stake Competition

On 19 June, three of our Year 11 Chemistry students represented Rehoboth Christian College in the 2018 Titration Stake Competition, a very prestigious competition organised by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute that many elite schools participate in.

This year was our first time participating in this very competitive event. Despite having little experience, and a very short time to prepare, our students gave a marvellous performance on the night against many Year…

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Grow! Grow! Grow!

This Term, students in Wilson Year 4 have been coming to school with great anticipation. Who would have thought a tiny bean could cause so much excitement?

Students are learning the basics of orderly, scientific study – how to conduct a fair test, and what variables are. From Week 3, students have cared for and looked after a bean. Some beans have grown very well. Some beans have not even cracked from their shell.


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Inventions and Inventors: Year 6 Science

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Solar Ovens

For Year 3 Science in Term 1, we learnt about heating. We discovered what materials were good insulators and conductors of heat. At the conclusion of the Term we made Solar Pizza Box Ovens. Here is what we have to say about what we learnt and did:

“Some of the photos show when we were recording how hot it was inside our solar oven. We were a very good team and we had…

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What’s Happening in Year 2

Silkworms and Snow Peas

In Science we are learning about lifecycles. We are taking care of 36 silkworms and watching as they grow through their different life stages. Every day we clean out their box, give them more mulberry leaves to eat, and write the tally for another day on our class chart. We have also planted some climbing snow pea seeds. We are so excited to see our plants wrap around our porch as…

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