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Rehoboth Christian College is operated by the Association for Christian Education Inc (ACE). Founded in 1959, ACE provides Biblical framework through which the College is able to provide its brand of distinctly Christian education.We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of those who were involved in establishing ACE and who sacrificed so much to ensure we could open the doors at our Wilson Campus in 1966. Mostly, we continue to thank God for His ongoing provision in allowing the College to flourish over its history.

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ACE is managed by a Board which is elected from amongst the Association membership. The purpose of the Board is to achieve the Association’s Objects as defined in our Constitution, to ensure and to undertake a stewardship role necessary for the proper governance and management of ACE.

Specifically, the role of the Board is to:

  • represent the Members of the Association;
  • provide governance and strategic oversight of the College;
  • assess and approve applications for ACE membership;
  • provide a point of contact between operations of the College and the governance of ACE;
  • develop and implement governance policies;
  • ensure that governance policies are written at a strategic level and reflect the core values and principles of ACE;
  • appoint and review the performance of the CEO;
  • oversee staff selection, primarily through policy that prescribes advertising of positions, selection criteria, selection panels, the presence of Pastors/Ministers on the selection panel, staff appointment, and inductions;
  • oversee curriculum and the provision of a satisfactory standard of education;
  • act as custodians of the Association’s vision and mission, primarily through the education of Members on its Foundational Principles and Distinctives, Scriptural basis, and a clearly articulated strategic plan;
  • ensure that ACE is a contributor to the broader cause of Christian education, primarily through involvement with Christian Education National.

The Board consists of a number of offices and roles which are appointed annually:

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Curriculum Monitor
  • Membership Monitor
  • CEO Evaluation Coordinator
  • CEN Delegate

Our Constitution lays out the basis for ACE in the belief that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and we are to accept it as our guide and final authority in all matters pertaining to faith and life.

This important document was reviewed by a Board-appointed task group and approved by ACE members at the 2019 AGM, ensuring that it remains relevant and up to date.

The video above helps to explain the purpose of a Christian school association and what role parents play in the school they govern.

Rehoboth is a parent-governed College (sometimes also referred to as parent-directed). This is achieved by parents’ membership in ACE. Through membership, parents are able to influence the character and direction of the education provided at Rehoboth.

The control that parents exert is communal, not individual, and is expressed representatively by the election of a Board from amongst the ACE membership. It is focused on ways in which the parent community is able to be involved in providing education. Parents are able to exercise this most effectively through active participation in the Association’s public meetings held throughout the year and by election to the ACE Board (subject to subscribing to the Association’s declaration). Parents are also strongly encouraged to communicate freely with teachers and staff, though it should be noted that our staff are not directly accountable to the parent community.

Parents are required to become Members of the Association when they enrol their children at Rehoboth. All candidates must be able to demonstrate an active Christian faith and membership with a Protestant Christian church.

ACE offers two tiers of membership:

Ordinary Membership

The purpose of becoming an Ordinary (or full) Member is to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the ministry of Christian education. We are thrilled to have many Ordinary Members still committed to Rehoboth many years after their own children (and in some cases, their grandchildren) have completed their studies.

Ordinary Members have voting rights at ACE meetings and are also eligible to become Board members. This provides parents with the primary means by which they are able to direct the nature of education at Rehoboth.

Ordinary Membership is open to any person over the age of 18 years interested in furthering the objectives of the Association. Candidates for Ordinary Membership will be required to declare their agreement with these objectives and a willingness to support Christian education as a life-long commitment. Students being enrolled will also need to meet our enrolment criteria.

An annual membership fee is also applicable, which helps to offset costs associated with running ACE meetings, Board meetings, Board training, administrative cost, and other activities of the Association.

Affiliate Membership

While we encourage families to prayerfully consider becoming Ordinary Members and assisting us in the mission of providing distinctly Christian education, parents also have the choice of applying for Affiliate membership. Families opting for this tier are still required to meet our enrolment criteria for students, but will not hold voting rights at ACE meetings and are not eligible for election to the Board. There is also no fee for Affiliate membership.

What Do I Do Now?

Membership at either the Ordinary or Affiliate level is a prerequisite for any families wishing to enrol their children at Rehoboth. You will complete membership information as you go through the enrolment process.

Should you wish to become a Member without enrolling children, or you wish to change your membership tier, you will need to complete a Membership Application Form. For all enquiries regarding ACE membership and enrolments, including submission of your application, please contact the Business Office.

Rehoboth is now in its sixth decade of serving Christian families with distinctly Christian education – praise God for His faithfulness and abundant blessings over the years!

We are proud that the tradition of Christian education that our founders sought continues as strongly as ever at Rehoboth. Jesus Christ takes His rightful place at the centre of all things at Rehoboth, and His Word is the foundation on which we stand. He is our axiom, ‘the central starting point around which all our beliefs and convictions must resolve’ (Ken Ham and Steve Ham, Raise Godly Children in an Ungodly World).


Christ, and what we learn about Him and His world through Scripture, permeates every aspect of teaching and learning, leadership and governance, life and faith at the College. Our strategic plan, Axiom23, reflects this belief. From the pedagogical choices teachers make as they arrange learning spaces, plan lessons, and design assessments to the academic, pastoral, and personal outcomes for students, Axiom23 emphasises the need to teach, think, respond, and live with Christ at the centre.


Our desire is to ensure that all aspects of the College are dedicated entirely to helping students place Christ at the centre. With Christ as their axiom, we believe students will have the best opportunity to excel in their learning, discover their God-given gifts, and live for the glory of God alone.


Axiom23 is available here, and the Board and Senior Leadership Team always welcomes discussion of any of the areas it covers – please contact the Business Office with any queries.

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