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One of the most satisfying parts of my role is welcoming new families to the College and sharing with them about what makes Rehoboth such an excellent school.

Marika Kappert – Enrolments Officer

We are always excited to talk about Christian education with families. This is because Rehoboth is first and foremost a community of Christian families who regard a Christian education as part of a larger way of understanding and living in God’s world. Our Enrolments Officer, Mrs Marika Kappert, is on hand to help you with any queries you may have about Rehoboth and our approach to education.

We see our enrolment process as the beginning of a long-lasting partnership with you and your children. Not only will they receive an outstanding education, but as a member of a covenant community, your children will be surrounded by students from other Christian families, and teachers who value and pray for them as people made in God’s image.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

Enrolling your children at Rehoboth is a decision to nurture the whole child. We aim to see to their spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs, while holding students to rigorous academic standards and encouraging them to strive for excellence as they discover their own God-given gifts.

From Kindergarten right through to Year 12, we are always ready to help Christian parents invest in their children’s future with an education that prepares them for all of life.


Our Enrolment Policy

To enable us to best serve Christian families with distinct, Christ-centred education, we have developed an Enrolment Policy that seeks to maintain the integrity of our community. We accept student enrolments on the basis that at least one parent is a committed Christian and is a regular and active member of a protestant Christian church. Parents are encouraged to take their church membership seriously and to view the College as an extension of the church and the home.

Part of the enrolment process includes an application for full membership or affiliate membership with the Association. This enables us to operate as a parent-controlled College, and you to impact and influence the nature of the education your child receives (should you wish to be more deeply involved in Christian education).

As members of the Association, parents should strive to maintain a Christian home. They should also agree with the Association’s aims and objectives and be prepared to support Christian education in a positive manner.

We promise to process your application promptly and to communicate with your regularly. Our aim is to make enrolling your child a straightforward process as well as an opportunity to help you capture the vision for the College and Christian education.

Ready to invest in your child’s future? Make an enquiry or speak to our Enrolments Officer today (+61 8 6557 3300), or alternatively you can enrol online.

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From the moment you call or walk into one of our offices, we aim to make it as straightforward and pleasurable an experience as possible.

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Whether you prefer to send your child to Wilson or Kenwick Primary, we are able to offer consistent educational programs between both campuses.