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Parent Partnership

Parents recognise the gifting, training, and experience of teachers and they honour their office. Teachers seek to work in partnership with parents, whom they acknowledge as the principal educators of their children and whose office they honour. These relationships and roles take place within a community where submission to God and His Word is assumed

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Rehoboth exists because we believe that church, home, and school need to work together to provide consistency and integrity in the way our children are taught to understand God, His Word, and His World as well as their purpose, gifting, and calling.

In Deuteronomy 6:6-9, Proverbs 1:8, and Ephesians 6:1-4 the Bible outlines the responsibility of parents, not the Church or the State, to seek Godly, Christ-honouring training and instruction for their children, which means that parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring the education of their children. 

One way in which parents can meet this responsibility is by establishing Christian, parent-governed schools like Rehoboth; schools that make use of the skills, experience, and knowledge of Godly men and women to teach children from a Biblical worldview.

As members of the Association which operates the College, parents govern the overall character and direction of the education provided by Rehoboth, subjecting themselves to the Biblical absolutes accepted as the basis of the Association. This governance is communal and exercised by parents representatively through the Board and via Association meetings. It emphasises the responsibility that God has given to parents rather than rights and privileges. 

Staff are accountable to the parent community, while parents need to be involved and informed about their children’s education. Participation, connection, and contribution mark the home/school relationship and are key features of our partnership with parents.

Christian parents enrol their children not primarily because it is good for them but because Jesus is Lord and His lordship must be recognised in all things, including and especially in education where we are seeking to help children understand the world and their place in it

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