Vision and Values

Not All Schools Are the Same

A secular education, with its humanistic ideals, praises man and what he has made and discovered and understood; but even among Christian schools, there can be differences. We consider the singular purpose of Christian education is that it should lead students to think and live for the glory of God in every aspect of their lives. This feeds directly into our educational philosophy for what a distinctly Christian education means at Rehoboth, and forms the basis for our vision, mission, and purpose.


To engage the whole child to think, respond, and live for the glory of God alone.


Rehoboth exists as an extension of the Christian home, partnering with parents as a covenant community to support them in their task of nurturing and educating their children to equip them for all of life.


We believe it is our purpose as educators and parents to orient our students Biblically towards the knowledge of God, the Gospel, humanity, and all of God’s creation, so that they would seek His will, see things as He sees them, and engage with the culture in which the live.

We believe that the Christian school must partner with parents and churches to develop the whole child (i.e. their spiritual, moral, academic, personal, and social growth), to inspire them to excel, to be intolerant of mediocrity, and to make wise choices.

We believe such an education is distinctly Christian in its character, intentions, and outworking.

Our Values

No educational model is values-neutral, and so we choose to make ours thoroughly Christ-centred because we believe that it is Jesus Christ, not man, who is at the centre of all things. This truth forms the basis of our Christian worldview and is at the heart of our teaching and learning. On the basis of this, we have developed four core beliefs.

Rehoboth Distinctives

Over 50 years of providing Christ-centred education, we have developed several characteristics that are “distinctly Rehoboth” and help explain who we are and what we value. To learn more about some of the things that make Rehoboth unique amongst Western Australian schools, download our Rehoboth Distinctives booklet, written by former Principal Rob Geijsman and originally published as a series of newsletter articles.

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Partner with us to develop the whole child, which includes their spiritual, moral, and academic growth, and their personal and social development.

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