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All Monkeys Love Bananas

On Thursday 23 August, the Year 3/4 class went on the bus and drove to Cannington Library. There we met author, Sean Avery. Did you know he wrote, All Monkey’s Love Bananas!?

Sean told us that he loved art and he brought in a sculpture of a chameleon that he made. It was sooooo cool! He also told us what it was like to be an author. It was very interesting to hear him talk.…

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A Taste for Secondary School

Recently, our Year 6 students were privileged to participate in the Year 7 Orientation. It was an extremely well-organised event, which has left our Year 6 students eagerly looking forward to becoming part of the Secondary School next year. They enjoyed meeting the Year 7 teachers as well other students who will be joining Rehoboth next year.

Students loved their cooking classes with Mrs Howard, where they learnt how to make a fruit and muesli…

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A Big Year for Janelle

This has been a big year for Janelle Poa, who is currently in Pre-Primary at Rehoboth Christian College’s Wilson Campus. This year she has participated in two state Music Competitions.

In September, Janelle entered the North of Perth Music Festival and was awarded second prize in the Piano Solo (Grade One) competition.

In the following month, she entered the South Suburban Music Society (SSMS) Eisteddford and competed in the…

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Entertainment for Everyone at Open Day 2018

Open Day 2018 was not just bigger and better but more fun and… dangerous! A dedicated team of student volunteers and parents set up stalls and served people tirelessly. Despite an initial forecast for thunderstorms, the weather was fine, sunny and with a refreshing breeze.

A new twist from the Philippines stall was a toilet roll throwing activity. Punters had three throws and needed to get them all in to win a prize. It looked…

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How Did it Get to Me? Investigating Needs and Wants in Year 2

During Term 2, Year 2 students investigated how some of the needs and wants within their local communities were generated and what goods and services were being produced and used to meet them. Students looked at the flow of production and processes which brought these goods to their personal consumption.

The Christian focus of the project: God provides because He loves us and wants us to flourish despite our sinfulness. He is the ultimate provider,…

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Tree Planting with Year 3 and Year 6

The Year 3 and Year 6 students enjoyed a morning of planting new plants at the Kent Street Weir. The day began with beautiful, clear, sunny weather, that got all 52 students in the mood to enjoy a casual walk to the weir. Once there we were met by Ms Patricia Summons, who explained where we were going to plant, what we were going to plant and how many plants needed planting.

With gloves on…

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LEX@R Students Go to War!

Code-breaking, propaganda, Lancaster bombers and Victoria Cross medals have all been on the forefront of the Primary LEX@R students’ minds. This semester, we have been focused on World War II, including a look at the causes and timeline of the War. We’ve broken the Enigma Code, the Pigpen Cipher and looked at how knowing letter frequency can help you crack a code. Mr Beattie explained to us how computer encryption keeps our information safe and…

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Discovering Australia’s Migrant History at the State Library

Year 6 students visited the State Library to hear about the different migrants that have come to Australia over the years.

The students were asked to sit in a group, around a table where a large suitcase was closed and sitting. The librarian discussed some reasons why people would have left their own country and came to live in Australia. Students had to open their cases and find out who owned the suitcase…

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Book Week 2018

What a great Book Fair and Book parade we had at Wilson during this year’s Book Week.

The multipurpose room was abuzz with many parents and students wanting to have a look at the latest releases in children’s fiction, picture books and some interesting nonfiction titles too. A mini bookshop was supplied to us by Scholastic Australia, where teachers, parents and students had the opportunity to buy these titles and support the school at the…

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Nine Little Chicks

Our Kindy students have had the opportunity to look after nine little chicks for the past two weeks in our class. It was very exciting watching the first little chick hatch from its egg – there were shrieks of joy and happiness in the classroom!

The students were able to spend time watching and observing the chicks’ growth over the two weeks and they noticed how quickly they grow in such a short period of…

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Marble Runs Make Maths Fun

The Year 5 class was given a Maths task to create a Marble Run. The criteria was straightforward, but all needed several particular angles included in the design. Students worked together in pairs on the design phase. Pondering over the endless possibilities as to where their marble could go, they all settled on a plan and collected resources to achieve their goal.

The students then set out on the most important part of an activity…

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Year 1-2 Excursion to CREEC

Pobblebonks and Other Discoveries

The first week of Term 3 started with a bang! Thursday saw us heading off to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). At first we didn’t know much about this place they call CREEC, but that was all about to change!

Our day started with big smiles as we packed our bags and boarded the bus. When we arrived at CREEC, we had morning tea and looked…

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