Our Story

Our Story

At Rehoboth Christian College, we are busy discovering God’s story for us. It is a story about how He has provided a safe, secure environment for Christian families to send their children to be educated; a place where students are taught to think Christianly about the world and their place in it.

Our story stretches back to 1959, with the founding of the Association for Christian Education by a group of Dutch migrants who had been educated in Christian schools. As they settled into their new home, these men and women sought to continue this tradition of Christian schooling for their children. Banding together, and with much hard work, sacrifice, and prayer, they were able to open the first Christian parent-controlled school in the Western Australian suburb of Wilson on 14 February, 1966. With just 2 teachers and 23 students, Rehoboth was also only the second school of its kind in Australia at its opening; a school where Jesus Christ was to be honoured as Lord of all.

The Association then opened a high school campus in 1977, originally operating out of a run-down primary school in the suburb of Kensington. 49 Year 8 and 9 students attended before the current facilities at Kenwick were completed in 1979. These facilities were officially opened by then-Premier Sir Charles Court, and Rehoboth Christian High School (as it became known) was able to offer a full Year 8-12 program.

2005 then saw the addition of a second primary school at the Kenwick Campus, with 50 Kindy to Year 4 students housed in transportables. By 2007 Kenwick Primary had grown to include Years 5-7.

The tradition of Christian education our founders envisioned was non-denominational, distinctly
Christian, and Reformed in outlook
, and remains so to this day. It aims to enable parents, rather than the State, to influence the nature and purpose of the education their children receive, without compromising on academic rigour and a high-quality curriculum. With over 50 years of experience providing quality Christ-centred education, we are proud to say that this tradition continues today in our vibrant, growing community of families, students, and staff.

From humble beginnings we have grown to over 900 students across two campuses, led by a diverse staff who are nevertheless unified by a single aim – to help parents raise their children to love and serve God.

Rehoboth stands as a testament to God’s abundant and continued provision, and to the faithfulness and dedication of our community in seeking to serve Him over the years. During that time, we have developed the tools and techniques that are needed to deliver a truly outstanding and unique Christian education, and we put this experience to work both inside and outside the classroom. There are always challenges to meet, and while we are consistently improving the ways in which we program and deliver our educational programs, we take great comfort in knowing the God who never changes and is in control of all things.

What's in a name?

“For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” – Genesis 26:22

The name Rehoboth reminds us that it is God who sustains all things and gives us the strength to carry out His purposes. In Genesis 26 God renews promises to Isaac that He had originally made to Abraham. He promises to establish Isaac in the land and to bless him if he keeps God’s commandments as Abraham did. Isaac is faithful, and is continually blessed as he settles in the land. After finding water in one place, Isaac builds a well and, naming it Rehoboth, says, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

In the same way, the founders of Rehoboth Christian College felt that God had provided room to grow, develop, and live in the covenant promises given to His children. They combined it with a unique motto – Soli Deo Gloria – which translates from the Latin as For the glory of God alone. This catchcry of the Reformation points both to the reformed nature of our College, and the fact that a distinctly Christian education should lead students to acknowledge God’s sovereignty in all things.

“For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” – Genesis 26:22

Our crest is likewise designed to show this: the cross is the symbol of our faith and salvation and draws attention to the redeeming work of Christ. The world our students study is one spoiled by sin, but through Christ’s salvation and promise, we look forward to the full restoration of His creation and kingdom. The Bible, with its pages open, reminds us that it is our aim to present all of education and life in the light of His Word.

Our name, crest, and motto were deliberately chosen to serve a distinct purpose – to remind us that we work not for our own glory, but for His alone.

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