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Excursions and Incursions

Year 12 Geography Explore East Perth

Undaunted by the weather forecast of 100% chance of rain, the Year 12 Geography students ventured out for a walking tour of the East Perth

Year 5/6 Take on the Fiery Furnace

At last week's Celebrations our Year 5/6B class produced a play from the Book of Daniel titled "The Fiery Furnace". It was a great reminder
Early Childhood

Mr van der Kooij’s Helpers

Last week we took delivery of a load of sand to replenish the sandpit in the Early Childhood area. It was so nice to see
Early Childhood

We Love to Learn and Play

In Pre-Primary Red we love to learn and play. Joseph Chilton Pearce, who wrote a lot about child development, once said, “Play is the only

A Look Back at Term 2 in Kindy

Term 2 in Kindy has been a busy, yet exciting one. The Kindy students had a fantastic day when Mr Duncan, the Music Man came
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