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Excursions and Incursions

Year 12 Geography Explore East Perth

Undaunted by the weather forecast of 100% chance of rain, the Year 12 Geography students ventured out for a walking tour of the East Perth

Year 5/6 Take on the Fiery Furnace

At last week's Celebrations our Year 5/6B class produced a play from the Book of Daniel titled "The Fiery Furnace". It was a great reminder
Early Childhood

Mr van der Kooij’s Helpers

Last week we took delivery of a load of sand to replenish the sandpit in the Early Childhood area. It was so nice to see
Early Childhood

We Love to Learn and Play

In Pre-Primary Red we love to learn and play. Joseph Chilton Pearce, who wrote a lot about child development, once said, “Play is the only

A Look Back at Term 2 in Kindy

Term 2 in Kindy has been a busy, yet exciting one. The Kindy students had a fantastic day when Mr Duncan, the Music Man came

Primary Choir Visits Manoah House

Our enthusiastic Primary Choir recently visited Manoah House. Students entertained residents with five items, including "My Favourite Things" and an action-filled "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". After performing, students

Primary Soccer Grand Final 2018

The House Soccer Final was held between Newton and Tyndale on 22 June. Newton had never won the event and went in as underdogs. The
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