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We are a registered CRICOS provider, so enrolment applications from international families are always welcome. You can use our Enquiry Form to request further information, or browse our International Students Handbook to learn more about how we can meet your needs as an overseas family (check to see if we have an updated International Students Handbook, so we can include a link to download it).

We appreciate that re-locating overseas can often be a daunting and complicated task and settling your child into a new and unfamiliar school can sometimes be difficult. Our aim is to assist you in making this transition to studying in Australia as smoothly as possible, and we believe you will find Rehoboth provides a safe and nurturing environment.



In addition to our standard Enrolment Policy and enrolment process, international families are required to provide:

  • Evidence of Income Tax status in Australia, such as a latest Tax Assessment
  • A copy of your Passport and Visa. Please copy page with Date of Arrival stamp and photo, for both parents and each student that is being enrolled.

International Student Fees

Many of the same conditions regarding fees apply for international students as they do for our other families. However, depending on the class of Visa you have entered Australia with, a different schedule of tuition fees may apply – please confirm with the Business Office whether you qualify for Resident or International fees.

Our fee structure remains competitively priced for international families and is based on a student fee up to a maximum of three students attending the College. Families having more than three children attending at any one time do not pay an additional fee for the fourth, fifth child, and so on. Fees levied are also based on those payable for the oldest children attending the College.

International families are required to pay a semester’s tuition fees prior to commencement. Tuition fees will then be levied a term in advance and are due by the 25th of the month when billing takes place. If families wish to pay each term’s fees in three monthly instalments, this is acceptable; however, payments will be due in January and December. We are also able to offer a range of payment options including direct debit (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly), credit card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Centrepay (provided by Centrelink), cash, or cheque.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for international student fees. Please note that international fees are listed on page 3. Our International Students Handbook also contains a list of exclusions from this Schedule, including health cover, uniforms,  and extracurricular acitivities. Payment for such items must be arranged for separately. The Handbook also contains our refund policy for International families. For all other enquiries regarding fees, please contact the Business Office.

International Students Handbook

While the ESOS Framework provides the legislative requirements for the College to enrol international students, you will also need to know a little more about us and our educational package before deciding that Rehoboth is right for you. We have prepared a handbook expressly for international students and their families that will not only provide some background on Rehoboth, but information on our course requirements for both Primary and Secondary Schools, English language requirements, enrolment procedures, living and studying in Perth, and much more. Download your copy of the handbook below:

International Students Handbook

The ESOS Framework

The Australian Government wants international students to have a rewarding, enjoyable, and safe experience when they come to Australia to study. Australia’s education and training system promotes quality education and consumer protection for international students to ensure they are able to make the most of their time here. The laws that protect international students are known as the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Framework.

General information about the ESOS Framework can be found here. The purpose of the Framework is to ensure that international students are able to access the best possible educational services while they are in Australia. This is done by requiring education providers such as Rehoboth to be registered with the Australian Government and to demonstrate that we meet certain obligations according to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The CRICOS Provider number you see on this site is your guarantee that we have met these criteria.

Students Rights and Obligations

Students also have certain rights and obligations under the ESOS Framework. A Fact Sheet detailing these can be downloaded below. Our International Students Handbook also contains valuable information about what students can expect when studying at Rehoboth.

Button to download the ESOS Framework Fact Sheet

Education Agents

Please be aware that Rehoboth does not employ the services of Education Agents to recruit international students. Prospective families should contact the Business Office directly to discuss how we can assist in providing a distinctly Christian education for your children.


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