How do you define success?

At Rehoboth, we believe success is defined by how prepared our students are to walk with God, in whatever role He has for them.

Welcome to Rehoboth
Christian College

Rehoboth is a community of Christian families with a rich heritage stretching back over 50 years. We consider it a privilege to be able to partner with families in the nurturing and education of their children. It is always deeply rewarding to see our students mature into young men and women of strong character, and we value each of them as individuals made in God’s image.

50 Years of Christian Education

Rehoboth is Western’s Australia’s first and most experienced parent-controlled school for Christian families. Our story stretches back to 1959, with the founding of the Association for Christian Education by a group of Dutch migrants who had been educated in Christian schools. As they settled into their new home, these men and women sought to continue this tradition of Christian schooling for their children.

Hear From Our Community

Teaching and Learning

Our teaching and learning programs allow students to explore their gifts and talents and provide opportunities to develop their individual skills. By training students to think Christianly, build resilience and commit to excellence, we help them understand that their whole lives – whether at school, at home, or wherever they happen to be – come under the Lordship of Christ.

Our Faith

Rehoboth exists as an extension of the Christian home, providing a way for parents to fulfil their God-given responsibility to educate their children and raise them in the ways of the Lord. We encourage a Christian worldview and recognise the centrality of the church in the life of the Christian community, and its place in the College’s history and culture.

Latest from Our Blog

Why Would My Children Be Better Off At A Christian School

The fact that we have a society that is committed to education for all children is a wonderful testimony to God’s common grace.​ A public school may give a ‘good education’, but we strongly encourage Christian parents to ask, ‘What are the starting assumptions of a public education, and how are these shaping my child?’ The

Soli Deo Gloria

Rehoboth’s motto is Soli Deo Gloria which is a Latin phrase meaning ‘For the glory of God alone’. As parents, we care for our children’s education. We wake up, help them get ready, and send them off to school. As students, we study hard for exams, aim for good grades, and obey our parents and

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Encouragement for the New Year)

What a year 2020 has been. So many unforeseen changes, including how our teachers, parents, and students had to quickly adapt to online teaching and learning due to COVID-19. Although it was a year where groceries and toilet paper were scarce, God’s faithfulness abounded. His peace and assurance surpassed the chaos, fear, and anxiety of

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