We believe in partnering with parents to develop the whole child, which includes their spiritual, moral, and academic growth, and their personal and social development.
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Welcome to Rehoboth Christian College

Our story stretches back to 1959, with the founding of the Association for Christian Education by a group of Dutch migrants who had been educated in Christian schools. As they settled into their new home, these men and women sought to continue this tradition of Christian schooling for their children.

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Need information on different learning areas, drop off and pick up times, or how to access the school dentist?

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Students are required to come to school dressed and presented neatly in the official Rehoboth uniform.
Events Coming Soon
Secondary Swimming Carnival
Friday 23 February
Riverton Leisureplex
Primary Swimming Carnival
Friday 9 March
Riverton Leisureplex
Annual General Meeting
Monday 26 March
7:00pm - Kenwick Campus
EduDance Concert
Tuesday 27 March
6:00pm - Kenwick Primary
Easter Assembly
Thursday 29 March
9:00am - Kenwick Campus
EduDance Concert
Friday 6 April
5:00pm - Wilson Campus
Year 11 Indonesian Mission Trip
16-25 April
Emergency Services Cadets Camp
11-13 April
Ern Halliday Campsite
Senior School Ball
Thursday 26 April
7:00pm - Fraser's Function Centre
ANZAC Assembly
Friday 4 May
9:00am - Kenwick Campus
Year 10 Work Experience
16-20 July
General Meeting
Monday 29 October
7:00pm - Kenwick Campus

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With over 50 years’ experience in Christian education, Rehoboth has earned a reputation for developing and delivering strong, distinctly Christian curriculum.

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