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Everyday Science in Year 1

Our Year 1s had some fun during our Chemical Sciences lesson, discovering how everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways to create something new. Each child received:

• some play dough
• 1 matchstick
• 1 straw
• 1 paperclip
• 1 pipe cleaner

They were encouraged to manipulate and change their materials to create something new. Students discovered that materials could be changed in a variety…

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Welcoming Our Littlest Learners

On Friday 2 November, we had the pleasure of meeting our newest Rehobothians, the 2019 Kindy classes.

The children had a wonderful time participating in activities and getting acquainted with their teachers for next year. Mrs van Dam and Mrs Nieuwkerk, along with Miss Graham and Mrs Fleming delighted in observing and leading the children in some play-based learning.

While all the fun was happening outside, the mums and dads had the opportunity to chat…

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A Taste for Secondary School

Recently, our Year 6 students were privileged to participate in the Year 7 Orientation. It was an extremely well-organised event, which has left our Year 6 students eagerly looking forward to becoming part of the Secondary School next year. They enjoyed meeting the Year 7 teachers as well other students who will be joining Rehoboth next year.

Students loved their cooking classes with Mrs Howard, where they learnt how to make a fruit and muesli…

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LEX@R Students Go to War!

Code-breaking, propaganda, Lancaster bombers and Victoria Cross medals have all been on the forefront of the Primary LEX@R students’ minds. This semester, we have been focused on World War II, including a look at the causes and timeline of the War. We’ve broken the Enigma Code, the Pigpen Cipher and looked at how knowing letter frequency can help you crack a code. Mr Beattie explained to us how computer encryption keeps our information safe and…

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Creating Music Together

If you happen to walk past the Kenwick Upper Primary block during lunch on a Tuesday, you would probably hear some amazing music drifting from the Music Room. That would be the sound of our Year 5-6 Band busy rehearsing and creating music together! Let us introduce you to some of our wonderful musicians:

“I have been playing the guitar for the last five years or so. My favourite style is rock. My Dad first…

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Families and Singing in Indonesian

This Term in Indonesian, the Year 2 class has learnt how to describe our family members in short sentences. As you can see from the photos below, we loved listening to our friends describe their loved ones.

We asked questions and even used the newly learnt adjectives to describe one another. It was a fun learning experience!

Furthermore, the Year 4s and 5s have been practising an Indonesian song about how great our God is.…

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Georgia’s Brave Shave for a Cause

One day, Georgia was on her way home from school with her mum and brothers in the car when she boldly stated that she wanted to shave her head!

Explaining that she was inspired by a Netflix series about two best friends journeying together as one battles cancer, Georgia went on to express how much it would mean to her if someone shaved their head for her, if she was sick. Thinking it was “just…

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A Stunning Day to Run4Bibles

The Primary Cross Country Carnival was held on a stunning August day at the Mills Park Sporting Complex. This represented a change of venue for the Primary, who have usually held the event at the Kenwick Campus. With a new venue came a new set of challenges for the students to undertake, with the cross country track being run through a variety of surfaces and terrains.

Years 2-4 students completed a 1.5 km track around…

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Catching Up with Our Indonesian Friends

Last Term we had the privilege of having the students from PBK Penabur School Indonesia visit with our students here at Rehoboth. It was interesting to hear about their life and schooling in Indonesia and discover how it is so different from ours in Australia. We even got to ask them questions. They helped us with our Indonesian work in class, they were great helpers. We enjoyed having them in Rehoboth Christian College and cannot…

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