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Enrolment Process

Providing a way for parents to fulfil their God-given responsibility to educate their children and raise them in the ways of the Lord.

We understand that enrolling your children in a new school can sometimes be a complicated, and even confusing process. That is why, from the moment you call or walk into one of our offices, we aim to make it as straightforward and pleasurable an experience as possible.

While there is still a lot of boxes to tick when enrolling, we also love talking with new families about Christian education and how we can partner with you. This is why we won’t charge you any fees simply to submit an application, or to arrange an interview and school tour. Once your application has progressed to the Confirmation phase, we will ask you to pay a $200 Security of Enrolment fee to confirm your child’s place at Rehoboth. This fee will be payable for the first two children you enrol and is deducted from your first Term’s fees.

We are confident that when you come to Rehoboth, you will find the ideal educational environment for your children.

Step 1 – Enquiry

Contact us for an enrolment enquiry. Our Enrolments Officer will follow up with you in a few days to help you with any enrolment questions.

Step 2 – Application

Complete an enrolment application, including the supporting documents we need. We will contact you to confirm your application has been received and placed on a waiting list.

Step 3 – Interview

When we have a place available, our Enrolments Officer will contact you to schedule an interview and school tour (if you haven’t already had one) with the Principal. Interviews have two components – faith and academic. This is where our partnership with you begins and we get to know your family and share with you about Rehoboth.

Step 4 – Administrative

Following with your interview, we make sure we have your application in order and submit it to our CEO for approval.

Step 5 – Board Approval

Your CEO-approved application is submitted to our Board’s Membership Monitor, who signs off on your successful enrolment.

Step 6 – Confirmation

A Letter of Confirmation is sent to you detailing your child’s enrolment and your level of Association membership. To secure your child’s enrolment, you will be required to pay a non-refundable $200 Security of Enrolment fee for each of the first two children you enrol. We will deduct this amount from your first Term’s fees. We will also subscribe you to our newsflash and newsletter.

Step 7 – Commencement

Your child’s start date arrives – Welcome to Rehoboth!

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From the moment you call or walk into one of our offices, we aim to make it as straightforward and pleasurable an experience as possible.

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Whether you prefer to send your child to Wilson or Kenwick Primary, we are able to offer consistent educational programs between both campuses.