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Newton Achieves a Hat-trick!

House passion was on display, with students cheering their hearts out for each and every event.

Breaking with tradition, the Primary House Swimming Carnival at Riverton Leisureplex was held earlier than usual on Wednesday 21 February. We scored the only day below 35 degrees for the whole week, which assisted in making things a little more pleasant for everyone.

With growing numbers across both campuses, this carnival was bigger than ever, with students in Year 4 to 6 swimming in 50m, 25m, and team events. House passion was on display, with students cheering their hearts out for each and every event.

Despite being pushed a little for time at the very end due to some factors outside our control, we were able to finish the carnival on a high with the Grand School Relay. Following the input of final results, the following Champion and Runner Up Champions were presented with some special awards to acknowledge their individual performances.

Age Champions
Year 4 Student House
Boy Champion Luke vV Tyndale
Boy Runner Up Caleb F Newton
Girl Champion Lillian B Wycliffe
Girl Runner Up Beki C Newton
Year 5 Student House
Boy Champion Nathan B Tyndale
Boy Runner Up Thomas B Wycliffe
Girl Champion Matilda C Tyndale
Girl Runner Up Abigail C Newton
Year 6 Student House
Boy Champion Eli S Wycliffe
Boy Runner Up Aaron Z Newton
Girl Champion Emma vS Newton
Girl Runner Up Eloise C Newton

Following the individual awards, the final House points from all events throughout the carnival were announced:

RCC_Newton Crest V2 NEW19 (1)
1152 points
RCC_Tyndale Crest V2 NEW19 (1)
883 points
RCC_Wycliffe Crest V2 NEW19 (1)
807 points

With Newton literally swimming away with the carnival, they also succeeded in achieving a hat trick, with successive wins in 2022, 2023, and now 2024 – an amazing result! Well done to all students who represented their House by participating in events throughout the carnival.

Thanks to all the staff and parent helpers for their hard work in assisting to help the carnival run smoothly. It was also great to have the help from a contingent of Year 11 students – their invaluable assistance was much appreciated! Finally, special thanks to the staff who helped carry the load by assisting in setting up and packing down the event – thank you all.

It is always a gift to see and hear the excitement that comes from the students for our House Swimming Carnival, as well as see them using their gifts to bring glory to God!

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