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Gerakkan Badanmu: Move Your Body

This Term in Indonesian, it is all about learning the body for the Year 3s. We learnt the vocabulary for the different parts of the

Early Childhood

Clay Explorations in Kindy Blue

In Kindy Blue, we love exploring and learning, and were most excited when Mrs Ong gave us a chance to discover a new material… CLAY!


Thinking about our Thoughts

Following on from the Biblical thread, the Kenwick Year 1/2 class examined their own thinking and then presented an item at a recent Primary Celebrations


Discovering Patterns in Pre-Primary Red

In Mrs Mubanga’s Pre-Primary class this term, students have been invited to explore and that can be found everywhere if you are paying attention! Previous


Cadet Camp 2019

Early in Term 2, Cadets were given the chance to put their new skills Previous Next Throughout Term 1 Cadets worked on developing their camping


ACC Lightning Carnival

Previous Next Rehoboth has become more invested in the multitude of sporting opportunities offered through our involvement with the ACC sport association. One such opportunity

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