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Practicums and Work Placements

Practicums v2

Please apply via the respective Application Form links (Practicum Placement or Work Placement Application Form). These forms are available below along with general information which is applicable to all applicants.

Once an application has been received, the Principal/Deputy will approach Rehoboth staff who have the experience and skills to ensure a good fit, both for the incumbent in their growth and development, as well as in sharpening the skills of the staff member.

If a suitable placement is available, an interview is required with the appropriate Principal to determine the applicant’s suitability. This interview will include a discussion of the applicant’s Christian faith and their commitment to a Protestant Church.

Once satisfied, the Human Resources Officer will confirm the placement.

Applicants should include a pastor’s reference letter citing their attendance and involvement in the church and a copy of their WWCC. Applicants are reminded to complete the application process in full in order for your application to be considered.

For any queries related to placements, please contact the Business Office or email

Why Do Your Practicum with Us?

As the first Christian parent-governed school in Western Australia, we are pioneers of distinctly Christian education. Our rich heritage stretches back almost sixty years; we have learned a lot in that time, and continually seek ways to improve and innovative.

Rehoboth exists to partner with families in their task of nurturing and educating their children. You will be joining a team who really believe in their mission to lead students to think and live for the glory of God in every aspect of their lives.

Application Forms

Before starting your application, you will need to have original scans or certified copies of the following documents ready to attach:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Letter of reference from your church pastor/minister or person of authority

You can also use the ‘Save’ button at the end of each page to save and resume your application at any time.

We encourage all applicants to have read the Westminster Confession of Faith and/or the Three Forms of Unity. These form our Statement of Belief at Rehoboth.

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