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Kindy/Pre-Primary are all FRUITY TOOTY!

Kindy/Pre-Primary are all FRUITY TOOTY!

“We wanna know, we wanna grow the fruit of the spirit!”

We had lots of fun sorting fruits and vegetables, creating patterns with fruit loops, and making fruit kebabs. We also learnt about the Fruit of the Spirit.

The children were asked to bring in fruit to share and what a wonderful assortment of fruit we had. Thank you, parents, for your generosity. We had lots of fruit, and the children had a wonderful time making fruit kebabs and eating up all the yummy fruit.

Kindy/Pre-Primary were learning about patterns! We are able to create three-part (ABC) and four-part (ABCD) patterns. How clever! The Pre-Primaries even learned how to create a really tricky three-part pattern (ABA). We were a little unsure at first but in the end we were able to create and repeat our ABA patterns, which is different to an AB pattern. We learnt that an ABA pattern repeats like this ABA ABA ABA and so on.

The children chose what fruit they would like to use to create their pattern fruit kebab. The Pre-Primaries drew their chosen fruit and created a pattern using their fruit. The PP children then copied their pattern with real fruit and created a yummy pattern fruit kebab. The Kindy children created yummy three-part pattern fruit kebabs. We then topped our fruit kebabs with a piece of star fruit. YUM YUM!

Whilst learning about the Fruit of the Spirit we sang lots of fun songs and had lots of hands-on experiences. We observed LOVE overflowing! We made a JOYful noise band and then we compared PEACEful serene music and loud and noisy music. The children had a sweet treat of PATIENCE. They also learnt that our words are like toothpaste, once they come out we can’t take them back. We need to treat others with KINDNESS. The children had the opportunity to explore GOODNESS with bananas. They decorated rainbows to remind them that God always keeps His promises, and that FAITHFULNESS is being dependable, trustworthy and loyal. All of the K/PP children demonstrated GENTLENESS with water balloons and SELF CONTROL by not popping the bubbles.


Discovering Patterns
Students explore and discover God’s patterns and designs for delighting in and/or using for the benefit of all.

Loving God
Students respond to God’s love by loving God in return and their neighbours as themselves.

By Mrs Jessica Yap

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