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Year 2 Playground Adventures!

With their new playground as their vessel, the students are ready to set off on many more tales of adventure.

In a world of imagination and possibilities, the Year 2 students of Wilson embarked on an exciting adventure in their brand-new playground. Full of anticipation and their faces beaming with smiles, they transformed into a merry crew of little pirates, ready to conquer uncharted territory and let their imaginations run wild.

The playground became their mighty ship, and at its helm stood a fearless captain, gripping the captain’s wheel, guiding the vessel through a sea of fun and laughter. Their imaginations ran as wild as the open ocean before them, and the possibilities seemed endless.

With ropes to climb and walls to scale, these young adventurers showed courage and determination as they navigated their pirate ship. They slid down escape routes with great enthusiasm, their laughter, a demonstration to the joy their new playground has brought them.

Navigating the swinging walkways became perilous acts of walking the plank, bringing to life the ‘Story of Pirate Tom’ and their persuasive test, “So You Want to Be a Pirate.” With ever step, they imagined themselves making daring leaps into the deep blue sea.

With their new playground as their vessel, the students are ready to set off on many more tales of adventure. The playground not only provided a space for physical activities but also served as a platform for fostering creativity and encouraging storytelling. The playground was the stage for their imaginative tales of adventure as they shared in the joys of their escapades.

As they continue to explore and learn through play, our young adventurers were developing physical skills while nurturing their creativity and imagination, qualities that will serve them well on their journey of learning.

We are thankful for the blessings that this new playground has brought to our school. We pray for future adventures that our Rehoboth students will now embark on.

Some thoughts on our new playground –

Makenzie: The best thing about the new playground was the steering wheel and the shells which helped me imagine being at sea.

Caleb T: I liked playing on the new playground, pretending to be the captain on the ship.

Javier: The best things about our playground were the slide and the climbing wall and the steering wheel.

Nathan L: The thing I liked the most was the climbing wall. I imagined climbing onto the desk of a ship.

Lyla: The best part of the playground were the ropes you can climb up. It made me feel like I was climbing up to the crow’s nest.

Zion: I liked the shells it had from the sea because it looked like being in the ocean.

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