Seth Merlo

Seth Merlo joined Rehoboth Christian College as Projects Officer in 2013. His role involves working with the Senior Leadership Team on the non-educational aspects of the College's operational plan, and he is most interested in achieving excellence in these areas. He holds a PhD in English and Comparative Literature and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration. Seth is a past student, having studied at Rehoboth from Year 6-12, and he and his wife are very happy to have their two children also attending the College.

Articles by Seth Merlo

7 Top Tips for Logical Learners to Ace Studying

Everyone has probably experienced that stage in studying where they feel like no matter how much they work on it, the material doesn’t seem to be sticking. There are various methods employed at school and in our homes which can get a little overwhelming at times. Until you find the right fit, you may find yourself having to keep trying out new study methods, before finding one that helps you understand and retain information in the best way.

While this may not seem like a priority to most people, finding your learning style can massively improve…

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Skills Your Child Will Need for University and Beyond 

As parents, we want the best for our children. This can cause us to push our children to bury their heads in books to strive for academic skills. Every parent wants their child to graduate and be ready for a career.

You’ve probably heard schools peddle their excellent academic turnouts but while the numbers don’t lie, the development of a child’s soft skills within and beyond the four walls of school bears just as much weight. Being equipped with the right soft skills will make sure that they’re ready for university, and life beyond it.

The things you teach your…

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Year 6 Waste Warriors

‘The earth
and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein’ – Psalm 24:1

We have many leadership teams for our Year 6s as we have shown previous posts.

Our Waste Warriors team has begun spending the Waste Wise grant which we were delighted to have received.

We have decided on a three-bin system to separate our waste in each class throughout the Primary School.

At the assembly on Tuesday 30 July, the Waste Warriors got to show off our new…

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How to Maximise Your Physical Learning Style

There’s no cookie-cutter way for everyone to learn, and what works for one student may not be the perfect method for another.

This is the beauty of individuality, and it’s important that you find out what kind of learning style you and your child have, in order to maximise your educational potential. Thankfully, scientists were able to pinpoint and identify the 7 styles of learning, and we can base our further discussion on them.

They are:

Visual Learning Aural Learning Verbal Learning Logical Learning Social Learning Solitary Learning Physical Learning

Now that you are well acquainted with the…

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Updated House Logos Let Us Reflect On Christianity’s Rich Heritage

We are excited to announce an updated look to our three Houses.

Rehoboth has a long tradition of using a House system as part of our pastoral care program. Some might still remember the old Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires system (based on the College colours). This was replaced in 2009 with the current system of Newton, Tyndale and Wycliffe.

The 2009 change was done with the aim of connecting students with the rich heritage of the Christian faith. Each House is named after a notable Christian figure and draws on three of the Five Solas for…

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How to Study Effectively If You are a Verbal Learner

Everyone adheres to a certain learning style to acquire more knowledge and perform well in school. For example, some find it easier to learn their lessons in school when they are required to employ logic and reasoning, while others excel in subjects that require more creative thinking and original ideas.

There are also students who prefer to learn using words, through writing or speaking. This type of learner uses a linguistic or verbal learning style. Like visual and auditory learning, verbal learning is one of the most common types of studying styles observed today.

Do you think you are a…

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Rehoboth’s Kenwick Primary School Receives Waste Wise Accreditation

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has presented Rehoboth with a certificate of its accreditation as a

The Waste Wise accreditation, given “in recognition of our school’s excellent efforts to reduce waster and develop positive environmental values and long-term behaviour change in our school community”, is the culmination of project-based learning activities begun in August 2018 as part of “Project Week”.

Project Week involved all students from Kindy to Year 12 working together to solve the challenge of reducing Rehoboth’s waste by 50%. Utilising project-based learning techniques, students worked collaboratively in age-appropriate teams to…

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Practicing Indonesian Language and Culture with Our Friends from Penabur

Recently, we enjoyed our annual visit from the students of our sister school, Penabur, in Indonesia.

Unlike previous years, the number of Penabur students doubled, and we cheerfully welcomed


They must have really enjoyed their previous visits to Rehoboth for such a dramatic increase in their numbers this year.

As in previous years, the Penabur students spent time across both campuses. At Wilson, we welcomed the challenge of how more than 50 students working in the same space together would turn out. Surprisingly, the noise level was controlled, we worked a…

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How To Build Effective Study Habits for Life

Effective and proficient students aren’t necessarily those who spend the longest time reviewing their notes and missing a few hours of sleep just to read their books. Instead, competent learners are those who chose to study smart.

At Rehoboth Christian College, we aim to help students appreciate the value of education. We believe that by practising good study habits at a younger age, students become more efficient learners especially when they pursue higher levels of education.

In this article, you will learn how you can establish your own study habits. We will cover topics like how to identify your…

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Welcoming Our Littlest Learners

On Friday 2 November, we had the pleasure of meeting our newest Rehobothians, the 2019 Kindy classes.

The children had a wonderful time participating in activities and getting acquainted with their teachers for next year. Mrs van Dam and Mrs Nieuwkerk, along with Miss Graham and Mrs Fleming delighted in observing and leading the children in some play-based learning.

While all the fun was happening outside, the mums and dads had the opportunity to chat with Mrs Pleysier about all the daily routines of Kindy, while also sharing the heart of what we do here at Rehoboth.

It is an…

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