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Year 6 Boys Take Out the WACSSA Basketball Championship

Rehoboth continued its fine run of form in WACSSA Basketball Carnivals this year by winning the Year 6 Boys Division A competition. The event, held on Friday 29 July at the Bendat Stadium, saw a Rehoboth team made up of students from both the Wilson and Kenwick campuses competing against teams from Swan, Carey, Kalamunda, and Dale.

The Rehoboth team started the round robin stage strongly with good wins over Swan and Dale. Victor Komaiya asserted his dominance early, posting up down low and taking on double and triple team defences. He was helped by the passing and dribbling abilities of Ify Okiwelu and Jonas Magsaysay, who were setting up easy plays by the ring and getting out on the fast break.

After the round robin stages Rehoboth finished with a 3-1 record, scraping out a 1 point win over Carey and barely going down to Kalamunda with a 3 point defeat. This was enough to put them through to the grand final and into a rematch with Carey. The grand final was a hard-fought affair with both teams remaining within 2 scores of each other the whole game. Clarissa Sandjaja had some important plays on the defensive end to keep the Carey shooters at bay, an impressive feat for the only girl in the competition, while Isaac Lai continued to find holes in the defence and get opportunities close to the ring.

In the final minutes both teams still could not be separated; however, Victor Komaiya would not be denied the win. Even with four players on him Victor was determined to get to the ring and keep Rehoboth in front at the final siren. The game ended with Rehoboth in front by 4 points and as championship winners.

Congratulations to the players who put in a lot of hard work throughout the day and represented the school so well both on and off the court.

A special thank you also to the friends and family who came along to support the team and help with scoring and refereeing.

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