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Creating Music Together

If you happen to walk past the Kenwick Upper Primary block during lunch on a Tuesday, you would probably hear some amazing music drifting from the Music Room. That would be the sound of our Year 5-6 Band busy rehearsing and creating music together! Let us introduce you to some of our wonderful musicians:

“I have been playing the guitar for the last five years or so. My favourite style is rock. My Dad first taught me how to play the guitar at home and then I started guitar lessons at school. I like playing in the Band because I…

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Primary Choir Visits Manoah House

Our enthusiastic Primary Choir recently visited Manoah House. Students entertained residents with five items, including “My Favourite Things” and an action-filled “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. After performing, students spent some time chatting to the residents. This was a lot of fun!

Here are some comments from our students:

“My favourite part was singing because God wants us to bless others!” – Maffew

“I enjoyed talking to the people at Manoah because I got to tell them a bit about myself and they told me a bit about themselves. It was really cool! I also liked singing for the people because…

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New Instruments Bring the Music Room to Life

We have some very cool new instruments in our Music Room this year!

Mini keyboards are pint-sized pianos that can really pack a punch. These instruments were purchased to help our Upper Primary students learn basic keyboard skills and develop their music literacy.

Students from the Year 5 class were the first to try out the mini keyboards. They had lots of fun playing treble clef tunes and experimenting with the interesting tone functions on the keyboard. What a great addition to our growing instrument collection!

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Spotlight on the Year 5-6 Band

During lunchtime on Wednesdays, students in the Wilson Year 5-6 Band meet in the Music Room to rehearse songs and create music together.

What do you do in Band?

“We chat while we eat our lunch. Then we set up our own instruments and help each other to set up theirs too. We decide what we want to practice and Elijah counts us in. Then we jam!” – Georgia and Isaac

“We take our practice seriously but we always have a fun time. We put our best effort into it” – Elijah and Georgia

“We laugh together when we…

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