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Learning and Fun with this Thing Called Water

This Term in Year 2 we are investigating “This Thing We Call Water”. In Science and Humanities, we have been brainstorming all kinds of questions which we would like to find answers for.

In Week 2 we started our investigations. We all wanted to know what shape and colour water was and how come these seem to change? When we experimented with the shape of water we made lots of discoveries. In our small groups we made predictions and tested them by pouring water into lots of containers of all different shapes and sizes. We found out water has no…

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How Did it Get to Me? Investigating Needs and Wants in Year 2

During Term 2, Year 2 students investigated how some of the needs and wants within their local communities were generated and what goods and services were being produced and used to meet them. Students looked at the flow of production and processes which brought these goods to their personal consumption.

The Christian focus of the project: God provides because He loves us and wants us to flourish despite our sinfulness. He is the ultimate provider, who gives us the means by which our needs and wants are met.

The beginning of Term 3 was used to consolidate the learning of…

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Year 1-2 Excursion to CREEC

Pobblebonks and Other Discoveries

The first week of Term 3 started with a bang! Thursday saw us heading off to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). At first we didn’t know much about this place they call CREEC, but that was all about to change!

Our day started with big smiles as we packed our bags and boarded the bus. When we arrived at CREEC, we had morning tea and looked at the natural habitat and native animal display in the foyer. We divided into two groups to do different learning activities. Lunch was on the…

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There’s Construction Out Our Window!

This Term, things have been really changing around our school. There has been noises and workers with trucks and all kinds of machinery, making the ground shake with lots of vibrations. Lots and lots of trucks, pouring concrete from long, insect-like arms and it’s all because we are getting a new gymnasium. Outside our classroom is a construction site and we get to see it every day!

We have been keeping a journal, writing and taking photos to record the changes happening each week. The grounds have been cleared, flattened and shaken by the big machines. Now that the concrete…

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