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Visit to Agmaroy Nursing Home

AgmaroyIn our Studies of Society and Environment, we have been learning about people who serve their community in different ways. We discussed how we could do something to serve our local community and planned a visit to a local aged care facility, Agmaroy Nursing Home. We prepared songs, a simple craft, and morning tea to share with the residents. We prayed that we would be able to share some joy and brighten the day of these special people. God enabled us to bless them, but we too were blessed, as the students’ comments below testify. Thank you to our supportive parents who accompanied us on the day. As a teacher, I was very proud of how the students represented our school, but more importantly, how they represented Christ to the residents and staff of the facility.

“When we went to the nursing home we sang to the residents. Ruby and Matthew played guitar. We saw a dog on the way. I made chocolate cake and some other people made shortbread. It was fun.” – Daniel

“My favourite part was when Beatrix and I met the two blue budgies. We had an awesome time singing songs.” – Andre

“One of my best bits was making and colouring the craft bear. I loved it when we made chocolate cake and shortbread because I really like baking.” – Mykah

“At Agmaroy I went to give out chocolate cake and shortbread. I met Patricia and old Al. I saw two budgies that are blue. They were both boys and cute.” – Beatrix

“I was nervous because going into the nursing home was kind of freaky. But when I sang songs to the old folks I started to feel more comfortable about it.” – Keira

“Our visit to Agmaroy Nursing Home was a tiny bit scary. We sang songs, we made some love hearts, we made bear crafts and we shared shortbread. I met a lady named Mary, she was kind and I gave her my heart.” – Sharon

“Some of my highlights were: singing songs, doing craft, playing guitar and watching Patricia feed the folks. I was a little embarrassed, but I was okay. I really enjoyed the excursion.” – Karianne

“On Thursday we were walking to Agmaroy Nursing Home. On the way a dog came and kept following Mrs Groenenboom. First it was scary, but it was fun.” – Nathaniel

“My favourite part was when I played ‘Jolly Good Fellow’ and ‘I’m going to wait’ on my guitar. All of the people were nice and some of them sang when I played. I also liked the shortbread because we made it.” – Matthew

“My favourite part was when we sang songs to the elders because lot of them sang along and were trying to copy our actions. Lots of the elders were making a little teddy bear craft or talking to us. Some of us gave them a little paper love heart.” – Belle

Mrs Groenenboom

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