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Spotlight on the Year 5-6 Band

Year 5-6 Wilson Band 2017

During lunchtime on Wednesdays, students in the Wilson Year 5-6 Band meet in the Music Room to rehearse songs and create music together.

What do you do in Band?

“We chat while we eat our lunch. Then we set up our own instruments and help each other to set up theirs too. We decide what we want to practice and Elijah counts us in. Then we jam!” – Georgia and Isaac

“We take our practice seriously but we always have a fun time. We put our best effort into it” – Elijah and Georgia

“We laugh together when we make mistakes. We try to improve” – Jek

Where do you perform?

“We performed at Open Day this year. It was exciting!” – Keisha

“Seeing the audience smile and enjoy the music when we played at Open Day was a great feeling” –Georgia

What is your favourite song and why?

“We like playing ‘Jesus is the King’ because we get to say ‘Hey!’. It’s a really energetic, fast, and loud song” – Ethan and Leah

What is the hard part about playing in Band?

“You have to rely on others to do the right thing and if someone makes a mistake, you just have to keep on going” – Elijah

“Band means that you have to play together. Staying in time is important and sometimes this is a bit hard for us to do” – Georgia

“You have to miss your lunch break, but it teaches us responsibility and commitment” – Holly, Danikha and Athalya

What are the benefits of Band?

“It’s a good experience! – Holly and Danikha

“You get to learn how to play with others” – Leah

“The instruments sound good together” – Elijah

“Instead of singing by yourself, you get to match your voice to another person” – Danikha

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