Primary Choir Visits Manoah House

Our enthusiastic Primary Choir recently visited Manoah House. Students entertained residents with five items, including “My Favourite Things” and an action-filled “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. After performing, students spent some time chatting to the residents. This was a lot of fun!

Here are some comments from our students:

“My favourite part was singing because God wants us to bless others!” – Maffew

“I enjoyed talking to the people at Manoah because I got to tell them a bit about myself and they told me a bit about themselves. It was really cool! I also liked singing for the people because it made them happy. We practised so hard to do this and I was really proud of myself” – Anna

“I liked seeing the people at Manoah happily enjoying our performance. Talking to them was also really fun!” – Flora

“I enjoyed going to Manoah because it was nice to share our singing in front of the people that were our audience. I also liked it because we made the people at Manoah smile and remember their own childhood” – Nala


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