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Philippines 2015 – Training Day

Phil Train 4On Monday, 20 July, The 2015 Philippines Team met at Thornlie Church of Christ for a training day. Lead by Miss Smoker, the team started off in devotion and prayer. Following that we went through why we were going to help the people there for two weeks. We also discussed the attitude we should posses while working, which we found through Isaiah 42:1-4.

From there we went through basic information of the Philippines and learnt some Tagalog, where we found Miss Smoker mispronounced everything and Rowell had to correct her. After a morning tea break, Miss Smoker outlined the different ministries we would be involved in and the items we needed to pack for the trip.

We broke for lunch and were challenged to eat a bowl of Lugaw (the food used for the feeding), made from soy protein and rice. After lunch we covered health issues and then those who are going for the second time taught the new group members to twist balloon animals and rings, bracelets and people from pipe cleaners, which the team does for the children at the feeding. Overall, the day was a huge success and the whole team is pumped for the upcoming quiz on Saturday, 15 August.

Tyler Vivian
Jayden de Jongh
Enoch Kim

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