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HARVEST Wilson Campus Concert

The theme of this year’s concert was HARVEST. Students from across the Wilson Campus performed items that told the story of Harvest.

Beginning with a whole school hoedown in cowboy outfits, our Kindy, Year 1 and 1/2 classes presented songs that talked about the SEEDS of our faith: Adoption, Justification and Sanctification.

Then, Pre-Primary, Year 5 and 4/5 showed us how to NURTURE that seed, with songs about Prayer, the Bible and the Church.

Next, the Year 2, 3/4, 3 and 6 classes finished with songs about FLOURISHING as Christians in God’s kingdom.

In between, Farmers Ray and Murray entertained us with stories about planting and reaping. Farmer Ray also brought his stock whip and gave it a crack!

Finally, the children took off their cowboy outfits to reveal a yellow shirt. This was to show that we are the harvest and are called to bring God’s redeeming love to a world that does not know Him yet. As the whole school sang “Shine Jesus Shine”, a display with cans of vegetables and meals was revealed. These cans have been donated to a local charity helping the poor in our community.

HARVEST was a wonderful celebration of God’s goodness. Thanks to teachers, parents and students for all your hard work. Yee-haa!

Mr C Hunter and Mrs S Vivian

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