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Georgia’s Brave Shave for a Cause

One day, Georgia was on her way home from school with her mum and brothers in the car when she boldly stated that she wanted to shave her head!

Explaining that she was inspired by a Netflix series about two best friends journeying together as one battles cancer, Georgia went on to express how much it would mean to her if someone shaved their head for her, if she was sick. Thinking it was “just another phase” her parents brushed it aside and didn’t think anything of it.

However, as the weeks rolled by Georgia did not let up on her idea. She reflected on how much her own family has been touched by this deadly disease: losing her great grandmother early this year to lung cancer, her uncle that, sadly, she never had the chance to meet who died from cancer at the age of 18 years, and unfortunately, another uncle who is battling mesothelioma (asbestos cancer).

When asked to summarise her thoughts and reasons for her decision, Georgia said, “I want to shave my head because I think it’s crazy that so many people have gone through – and will go through – experiencing this disease. So, I was weird enough to research it because I thought I should know more about the amount of people diagnosed with cancer each year. 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and 7.6 million people die from this disease and to me this is literally insane. I think that more people should be aware of the struggles and pain that people with cancer suffer because it is not fun”.

Visit the Cancer Council to learn more about what cancer is, how to reduce your risks and more.

There was some thinking and processing that had to be done though, as Georgia says, “When I first started thinking about shaving my head, I did question myself and think, ‘Is this something you really want to do?’ I did think I might regret it once it’s done. But then I thought about the people who do have this disease and whether they wonder every single day, ‘Why has God chosen me? Why did I get this disease out of all the millions of people out there?’ God has a plan for everyone and some people after battling cancer become motivational speakers, like Diana Jordan who suffered breast cancer, which would encourage others to do the sort of things that I’m doing. I am so excited to shave my head and I need to thank my Nan for organising this, my family and of course, my friends. I believe that God has chosen me to do this and He believes I can make a change to help others. He is an amazing God who chooses random people to do the craziest things!”

Georgia’s mum reflected: “It was about a month after Georgia initially mentioned shaving her head for awareness that I made a joke about her having a bald head in her graduation pictures! Her response really put me in my place and I realised then and there not only how serious she was, but also how much this act of bravery really meant to her. She responded so passionately and emotionally that she would be glad to have a bald head in her graduation photos, because then people would start talking and ask questions about why she has a bald head. And then those questions would lead to a discussion about cancer and hopefully then people would donate money towards cancer research to help find a cure. I remember so vividly that moment as a parent, and how I had let her down by not taking her seriously. I realised that this act of shaving her head, despite her looming graduation pictures where her hair ‘do’ would be immortalised, meant more to her than I realised. That was when we rallied behind her and encouraged her to step out and stand up for what she is passionate about. This was about four months ago and she cannot wait to go bald and donate her beautiful, think, long locks to a wig making company who uses real human hair to make wigs for cancer patients. She also loves the fact that by helping raise awareness and employing the act of shaving her head to raise money she is doing what she can to help find a cure for cancer. To say we are proud is an understatement. Georgia has such a loving heart and this act is just another way she shows how she cares and thinks of others”.

Dad, meanwhile, had this to say: “Finally, she is listening to her father and shaving her head! Something I tell my boys to do all the time! But seriously, I am so proud of my daughter. I think it’s great that she’ll have the same haircut as me for a while!”

It always gives us a thrill when students act so selflessly, especially when they can see God at work in their actions.

Georgia is shaving her head this Saturday 22 September at the “Fight Like a Girl” Breast and Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser Luncheon. You can support her by purchasing a ticket to attend or making a donation at the link below.

Where: Mater Christi Hall, 340 Yangebup Road, Yangebup
When: Saturday 22 September, 1:00-4:00pm
Cost: Tickets $35

For more information about the fundraiser, call Dot or Sherene.

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