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2017 Senior School Ball

2017 senior school ball

Glamour, glitz and glorious gowns: the Year 11/12 girls of Rehoboth rapidly got ready for the night of nights. In trim, taut and terrific tuxedos, the boys gathered the vital element for the ball, the corsage, and vigorously went to pick up their dates. April 21 was the night of nights – the 2017 Rehoboth Christian College Teen Challenge Ball.

Excited teachers waited patiently at the top of the stairs, greeting students with beaming smiles. To kick off the night, students were served delicious mocktails and a fruity punch until 7:00pm, when the doors to the Swan Room in the Parmelia Hilton were opened, and students were presented with the polished and exquisite decor that the teachers had created with the prodigious Paris themed room.

The ladies were treated to a single stem wrapped rose, whilst all were given their name held by a Eiffel tower. Mr Taylor once again wowed everyone with his brilliant MC skills, creating an atmosphere of fun and eloquence as he produced many laughs throughout the night. Students were also informed of the four awards up for grabs, “Best Male Dancer”, “Most Joyous Dancer”, “Most Delightful Female” and the “Most Courteous Male”.

A colourful buffet with an array of different cuisines like Moroccan Lamb and Slow-cooked Chicken topped with mushrooms, were served as many hungry stomachs devoured the delicious food. The ballroom dancing then began as Todd encouraged everybody to get up and show off the moves they had been practising in Senior Sport.

Dessert was then served, which simply entertained every taste bud! The dance floor was opened where many showcased their moves, shout out to Mr Martens!

The night concluded with the votes being counted and the awards handed out. Everyone eagerly waited for the winners to be announced.

Shona Bonnington was voted the “Most Joyous Dancer” with her riveting moves that got the whole room dancing.

Michael Fobister, with his passionate funk, got awarded the “Best Male Dancer”.

Gloria Kennedy was voted, with her delightful demeanor, the “Most Delightful Female”

Ezra Pleysier, with his warm smile and gentlemen-like attitude, was awarded “Most Courteous Male”.

The night was full of fun and many went home with a smile on their face and a handful of mementos including photos from a hilarious photo booth which at one stage managed to fit 12 people in at once. Once again, a massive thank you to all those who contributed to the evening to make sure it was perfect. It sure was a night to remember!

Heleema Rawlings and Shona Bonnington

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