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Year 4s Learn How to Care for God’s World

The Year 4s have been very proactive since their excursion to the RRRC. They have been careful in what they are throwing out and how they could reuse other materials. They are so enthusiastic about recycling that they wanted to do an assembly about how our school could look after God’s world. It’s great to see that our young children think about how we need to be good stewards for God and future generations.

Mrs Norman kindly has let us borrow some Eco bins to work with. So students remember what each bin is for, the Year 4’s explained what each colour is:

  • the red bin is to collect landfill items. These are items that cannot be recycled or reused.
  • the blue bin is for collecting all types of paper. From this bin we will look to see what we can use for art or craft and what can go to be recycled in Canning Vale.
  • the yellow bin is to collect plastics and metal. Any tuna tins, plastic spoons or forks, plastic drink bottles; tubs of yoghurt etc.
  • the green bin is for collecting organic waste. Any food scraps; apple cores; peels etc. will go into this bin. The Year 6’s are going to be creating a compost to help our school grounds and plants. The Pre Primary class is also creating a worm farm, so no rubbish will go to waste.

We look forward to all students working together to help each class and to make our school to be more eco friendly. Let’s work together to make God’s world a beautiful and sustainable environment for future generations.

Here is the song the Year 4s sang about recycling to help us remember how important our efforts are to look after God’s world.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

(Sung to “Eensy Weensy Spider”)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Words that we all know
We have to save our planet
So we can live and grow
We might be only children
But we will try, you’ll see
And we can save God’s planet
It starts with you and me!

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