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Year 4 Explore Explorers!

On Friday, 4 November the students in Year 4 eagerly made their way to Fremantle to uncover the maritime history of Western Australia.

The day started at the Shipwreck Galleries, where the students examined artefacts and stories related to the first Europeans to explore the west coast of Australia. This included an hour guided activity by staff at the museum, before the students enjoyed a self-guided tour of the various galleries.

Following a morning exploring the past, the students were keen to walk the short distance to Kailis Café, where they enjoyed a special treat of Fremantle’s best fish and chips! Fully rested with full bellies, the menagerie headed off on “A Trek through Time” on the streets of Fremantle. The group stopped at various places to compare the location with photos from the past.

The walk took the group past the Fremantle Fire Station, where the students received a bonus surprise – a special fire safety briefing followed by a demonstration of the various equipment used by the firefighters as part of their challenging job. The icing on the cake was when the personnel fired up the hose, giving each student a chance to try and hit a target! Special thanks goes to Mr Murray for organising the visit to the Fremantle Fire Station.

All too soon it was time to move on again. With cheers and waves, the group hit the street again to complete the final part of the journey to the Western Australia Maritime Museum. The students patrolled the many exhibitions in their small groups, delving into some of the more modern maritime history of WA.

Special thanks to the many parent helpers for their invaluable assistance. It was certainly a busy day, but well worth it for parents and students alike!

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