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Year 2s Discover Science at Kings Park and Brownes Dairy

Our class, together with our Year 2 friends from Kenwick, went on an excursion to Kings Park and Brownes Dairy.

Kings Park was great! We played together climbing dinosaurs and crocodiles, and sliding down firemen’s poles was a hoot! After lunch, we were so excited to get on the bus to Brownes Dairy, chatting about meeting a real cow and how we hoped we might taste some yummy dairy products.

At Brownes, we traced the journey which brings raw milk from the cow to the treatment plant and factory production line to our table. We were very, very happy when we visited Brownes Innovation Kitchen and were asked if we would like to do a blind tasting test to match yoghurt flavours to their labels.

Later, Farmer Damian took us around the factory, showing us the production line and even helping us milk a cow! We had lots and lots of questions and Farmer Damian helped us to answer so many of them. We had so much fun and learnt so much; it really was a great day!

What Students Had to Say

“My favourite part of the excursion was the Innovation Kitchen and yoghurt tasting!” – Annabelle K

“We learnt yoghurt has three things: culture, cream and milk” – Sophie

“I learnt about the cow in Brownes Dairy and I also learnt the milk is in the cow’s body” – Beatrice

“My favourite part was meeting Farmer Damian and his cow, because we got to squeeze the milk out of the cow” – Angelina

“We learnt about three words: homogenised, pasteurised and standardised. My favourite part of the excursion was the factory. We looked through a window and saw the production line” – Jun

“We learnt that from the farm they cook the raw milk” – Evelyn

“My favourite part was when we tasted the yoghurt. The vanilla was yummy for me because it is usually my favourite ice-cream flavour. I also enjoyed the matching of yoghurt flavours to the labels. I loved the excursion!” – Michael

“I liked the Innovation Kitchen and yoghurt tasting. We had to guess what different flavour it was, this made it interesting” – Leah

“I learnt how milk gets from Brownes Dairy to our house and the things that go with yoghurt” – Joshua

What We Learnt​

Science Understanding

  • Biological Sciences: Living things grow and change
  • Chemical Sciences: Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose.
  • Earth and Space: The Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways.
  • Use and influence of science: people use science in their daily lives

Humanities and Social Sciences Skills

  • Questioning and researching: Reflect on current understanding of a topic.
  • Pose questions about the familiar and unfamiliar.
  • Sort and record selected information and/or data.

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