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Year 12s Tackle Worldview, Science and Culture at Perth Zoo

Each year our Year 12 Human Biology students make the much anticipated journey to the Perth Zoo.

Traditionally it has been a sunny August day; this year was no exception. A significant section of our curriculum relates to understanding the scientific theory of evolution with a specific emphasis on human evolution. This is a big topic with potentially big implications for our theology, and one that needs to be understood well if our students are to engage with the culture around them. So, off to the zoo to do some engaging!

Students explored the anatomical and behavioural characteristics of the various primates on show, and were asked to compare and contrast between species and identify the behaviours that differentiate between them.

The main attraction for the day is the past and present primates talk given by the Perth Zoo education staff, covering the key course content for human biology in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. Students are asked to identify species from various skulls and learn about the breeding and restorative programs the Perth Zoo is involved in. This is an important opportunity for students to hear from someone outside of our school on this topic, whilst also providing the opportunity for valuable discussion on worldview and how it affects the way we interpret what we see and hear.

Did I mention it was a beautiful sunny day? The added benefit of soaking up some vitamin D and getting 7 km of walking done before these students head into final exam preparation makes it an invaluable excursion!

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