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Winning the EP Languages Regional Championship 2022

Once again, we are thankful to God for our Secondary Indonesian Year 7-11 classes that have performed exceptionally well in the Education Perfect Regional Championship 2022!

Rehoboth came second in all Language subjects and came first specifically for Indonesian.

Congratulations to the 53 students who earned certificates as follows

  • 1 Elite certificate (more than 5000 points)
  • 2 Emerald certificates (more than 3000 points)
  • 3 Gold certificates (more than 2000 points)
  • 10 Silver certificates (more than 1000 points)
  • 5 Bronze certificates (more than 800 points)
  • 22 Credit certificates (more than 500 points)

The Year 7W Indonesian class achieved an award for being the top class with the highest average. They won vouchers from Education Perfect to have a pizza party. This prize will be shared with students who earned a certificate and participated in the competition!

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