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Welcome to Mini Masterchef

W1 Mini Masterchef 2017 001

Throughout Term 2, we have been learning about food, food sources and healthy eating.

Year 1 students became little chefs and held a cooking competition at the end of the Term to consolidate what was learnt about food and health. Students worked in pairs and chose to make a healthy pizza or wrap.

They planned the cooking session with ingredients that are healthy but also taste good. We tried to include a mix of ingredients from the protein, grain, vegetable and fruit groups. Then we wrote the shopping list and sent Miss Chan and the parents to the supermarket to get the ingredients.

We were so excited when the cooking day arrived. We started the day off by making apple pies with one of our parent helpers. Then we made our own fruit kebabs in different patterns. All the fruits were polished off from the table by the end of recess!

It was time for the cooking competition. Teams looked at their plans and built their pizzas and wraps carefully. Some teams added lots of vegetables like spinach, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and onions to their dish.

Mrs B and Mrs Sherlock were invited to be our judges for the cooking competition. They took a long time deliberating because everyone’s dish was excellent. We were all very proud of the dishes the students made.

Sara and Lucas S won the prize for creating the “Healthiest Pizza”, with the winning pizza using all natural ingredients from Gold Bee.

It was a draw for the “Healthiest Wrap” between Dayna and Esther, and Raiden and Olivia.

The healthy pizzas and wraps were all very well received, with many students going back for second, third and even fourth helpings!

We thank God for providing us with different plants and animals to eat. The students recognised that they are very blessed to be able to access, eat and enjoy delicious food every day. We need to look after and take care of our bodies in order to serve and glorify God.

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