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Tyndale Wins Back-to-Back Grand Finals

Well done to all students who participated and special thanks to the Year 10 Specialist Sport students who assisted!

The Primary House Football Competition went ahead at full swing for 2023, with all three Houses represented and one team from Regent Christian College. As with previous years, the competition was setup so that each team had the opportunity to play each other once.

As an added component, each of the Rehoboth teams also had a scheduled training session. This gave teams and coaches more of a chance to bond and work on their team skills and strategy.

At the end of the first five rounds of games, two teams stood out as the strongest for 2023 – Wycliffe and Tyndale. Interestingly, both teams had been undefeated throughout the competition and played off in the sixth round, in an unofficial final. At the end of the game, it was a draw! Both teams had earned their place in the Grand Final, which was shaping to be another exciting one.

Some of the Tyndale players had experienced the ecstasy of success after playing in last year’s Grand Final, and Wycliffe were just as hungry for a win.

The first half of the game was very much a game of chess, with both teams sizing up the competition. Tyndale played a little bit more of an attacking style of football, but the Wycliffe defence stood strong. Likewise, when Wycliffe had an opportunity for a goal, the Tyndale keeper held firm.

The students knew that last year’s Grand Final was decided with a series of penalty shots, so even if the ledger remained square, penalty shots would confirm a winner. However, a short while after the half-time break, Tyndale found the back of the net. Despite some very good defending, Tyndale was able to find a way to score another two goals.

Wycliffe was not without their own opportunities to score, but the Tyndale defence could not be penetrated. The final siren sounded, and Tyndale was declared the champions for 2023, having now confirmed their dominance by winning back-to-back Grand Finals!

Well done to all the students who participated in the competition. Special thanks go to the Year 10 Specialist Sport students who assisted with coaching throughout the competition, and Diego RV for refereeing all games. It is always a pleasure seeing students in our community using their gifts for His glory!

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