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The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On!

Praise God that the program is going so well and continue to pray that God’s Spirit changes hearts as we seek His kingdom first.

Wednesday the Wondrous!

Tired and several team members feeling under the weather, but the show must go on!

Day 5 of our trip was absolutely fantastic. Our Year 10s are doing a phenomenal job with the program and there are more and more tales of wonderful conversations where the team are pointing to Jesus!

I am so impressed with the heart of our students and their passion to share the good news of Jesus, to get stuck in and do whatever needs doing. We’ve had a great turn out of local kids with well over 60 coming to the program today. Praise God that the program is going so well and continue to pray that God’s Spirit changes hearts as we seek His kingdom first. Please also pray for the health of our team as a number have been under the weather.

Mr Taylor

From the perspective of Adele and Izelke

The second full day of our Leonora Holiday Program started with the usual song and dance. The kids came through a tad more confident today, more settled in, getting to know their leaders (that’s us). 

I, Izelke, was good ol’ Clancy the Clown, performing in the drama. Our circus had burned down, and along with the other performers, we started to build our own circus, without our Ringmaster. I led the dancing up at the front for the kids. They were super involved, and it was a blast! Later, some kids were playing up, so we went outside and spent some time playing with them quietly. It was great to spend some time hanging out together. Craft club later involved hanging out with the younglings and bracelet making.

I, Adele, started at the registration desk, ticking off kids as they piled on through into the Rec Centre. After some morning tea outside and piggyback rides, we piled inside for the drama, and in my case, bracelet making. After the morning session, crafts at the Rec Centre was our next thing. I beaded some more, completing a whole 4 bracelets. That night, we had our big circus-themed games night, 8 groups rotating through our games. Izelke and I manned the ‘Potty Toss’ throwing balls into our toilet seat on a box. After a walk back to the sport centre and around the oval, settling in for the night started to happen.

As a general group, we were dropping like flies. Zia was visiting the sick bay at the hospital (she’s doing better now but needs some good rest). A temporary infirmary was set up in a squash court for Daniel D and Chris. Some scares of foot and mouth disease flew around, but was squashed when people realised we weren’t at risk as we were a tad older than young children. But, sickness and lack of sleep aside, the mood was happy with our progress with the kids and program as a whole.

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