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Splish Splash Splosh


Hey everyone, did you catch the excitement of our Early Childhood Swimming lessons? 

Our Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students jumped into the pool with glee, making waves with friends while simultaneously engaging in learning important skills and content!


Curriculum Connections

These lessons weren’t just about water fun; they were educational too! For students working in the lower levels, it was all about building water confidence and grasping basic safety concepts. Other students got their strokes in line and took it up a notch with advanced skills and water rescue basics. Many students are discovering they have a God-given talent for swimming and so, by participating in lessons, they are able to further strengthen and develop this ability. All of this fits snugly within the curriculum goal of promoting physical activity, teamwork, safety awareness, and celebrating diverse gifts and talents.


Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in Action

Our aquatic adventures perfectly synced with the EYLF’s principles of “Belonging, Being, and Becoming.” Kids bonded with classmates, growing socially and creating a sense of belonging. As they splashed around, they not only mastered strokes but also overcame setbacks and conquered personal fears – a big win for the “Being” aspect. It was special to see children persevering when facing challenges and other encourages their friends who were feeling overwhelmed. As they dived in and achieved milestones, they were on their way to “Becoming” more confident, capable individuals. Jesus Christ was reflected beautifully in many students and they were an amazing witness to members of our local community, particularly the Swimming Teachers.


Splash-tastic Memories

Beyond strokes and safety, last week’s lessons created cherished memories. From bumpy bus rides to playing underwater games, the laughter, the victories, and the camaraderie are all treasured aspects of the student learning journey. The two weeks were not just about teaching swimming; they were also about nurturing courage, curiosity, and a love for water sports. Praise God for this amazing learning opportunity!

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