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Splashing About: Year 3-6 Swimming Lessons

Over the last couple of weeks, the Year 3-6 students have been attending Swimming Lessons at Cannington Leisureplex as part of their Physical Education program.

This is always a highlight for many students as they attempt to pass the next stage in their swimming levels. In Australia, it is especially important for our students to be confident around water and have the basic skills required to keep them safe, even though they should still be supervised at all times. Many of the students also completed VacSwim in the holidays and so skills were honed and improved upon.

Here’s what the Year 5 class wrote about their lessons:

“Going swimming with the Year 3s and 5s was a lot of fun. Our bus rides were somewhat noisy, yet always fun, sitting next to our friends.”

“The Canning Pools were a hive of activity on our first day when we saw the Kenwick students finishing up their lessons. After being sorted into our groups, off we went to be coached by some awesome instructors! During our lessons, we all really tried our very best. Listening to the instructor while you are halfway under the water proved to be difficult. Although we were tired, we had a lot of fun and many of us passed our levels. Yay! We really look forward to going again next year!”

I also interviewed some of our other students and here are some of their comments:

  • It was sometimes challenging and sometimes easy!
  • We had great fun, but we were tired out at the end
  • I enjoyed doing CPR on the dummies
  • I liked doing lots of laps of freestyle
  • I loved playing with the pool noodles
  • I liked the way the teachers taught us to swim and float and dive in the water
  • It was exciting and fun to have swimming lessons
  • We loved going on the school bus with the new pictures on it!!

We would like to commend Sarai Kuilenburg and Timothy Zhang for achieving their Bronze Rescue Stage. This required some advanced skills and swimming ability. Well done to both of you!

Mr Butson also took the opportunity to watch the students to assess their abilities for the Year 4-6 House Swimming Carnival which will be held 18 March at Riverton Leisureplex. Events that suit the abilities of all students will be run so that all students can join in the fun! From here also, those students who win the 50 metre events will be chosen to represent our College at the Interschool Carnival on 2 April. This gives students who excel in swimming an opportunity to compete with students from other Christian schools.

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