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Remembering the Sacrifice of Christ

Remembering the Sacrifice of Christ

It was a wonderful time of celebrating our hope in Christ as we listened to songs and poems, and sang praises to God.

We finished Term 1 with an Easter Assembly as we prepared for Good Friday and Easter Sunday at the beginning of the holidays. Every student contributed in some way and it was a wonderful time of celebrating our hope in Christ as we listened to songs and poems and sang praises to God.

The Year 1 and 6 students sang a simple song to remind us of, “The First Easter” followed by our community singing, “O Praise the Name of the Lord our God!” We watched an excellent video entitled, “The Garden, the Virus and the Cross” that the Year 3/4 class made for us. This showed us that sin is the virus in our lives and that it can only be cured by Jesus’ death on the cross. The Year 3 students then took us into a time of reflection as they focused on the journey to the cross and we contemplated the depth of Jesus’ love for us.

The Year 5 students recited a poem celebrating the joy of Easter and then the Year 2 students shared the “Peace of Christ” that they have been learning about. Mrs Trubert had talked to her students a couple of days ago when she was still in hospital. She shared that she still had the peace of Jesus in her heart, because she knows that He loves her and is with her all the time, just like He is with us, no matter what. Whether during happy times or whether we are going through hard times. Next term, we will explore the Biblical Thread “Overcoming Setbacks”, where we will focus on the way that God is for us through our struggles.

The Year 4/5 class was next with an enthusiastic rendition of “Jesus our Rescuer” which tells about the Good News of Jesus. It is good news for each of us in a world where we hear nothing but bad news so much of the time. This song reminded us that Jesus is our Rescuer, the One who died and rose so that our sins could be forgiven and so that we could be made righteous before God. He has set us free and we can be sure that we will live with Him forever.

To finish our service, we had the pleasure of listening to our Choir students. They sang of the amazing love of Christ that we remember, particularly at Easter. Despite some technical difficulties, we had a wonderful time of remembrance and celebration.

Image: Alicia Quan via Unsplash

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