Reading is My Secret Power: Book Week 2019

Last week at Rehoboth, the Primary School participated in Book Week celebrations. The theme for Book Week was ‘Reading is my Secret Power’, so following this idea the children had the opportunity to come to school dressed up as someone they saw as a hero. The Year 1/2 class put in amazing effort and our class was filled with many different characters, including Spiderman, a police officer, the Hulk and a Super Robot.

The day started with Primary celebrations where each class was allowed to stand up and show off their costume to the rest of the school. The children were very excited to see all of their friends and siblings dressed up. There was a real sense of community as different year levels mixed as they admired each other’s costumes. It was wonderful to see that many children saw people from the Bible as their heroes.

It was an exciting day in the Year 1/2 class! With our newly built fort recently opened, our little superheroes had a great day running, climbing and digging. We also listened to some stories and had discussions about the elements of stories. In Library, the children had a special lesson where they were able to create their own character mask.

Throughout the day, we were reminded that our true superhero is Jesus. Some children shared with the class why Jesus was a hero to them, with many children noting that He died on the cross to save us from our sins. Jesus is the only hero we will ever need. What a blessing that we have our own personal saviour!


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