Outstanding Achievements in Indonesian

Lovenia Anggadjaja came first in the world for Indonesian, competing against 12,253 students globally.

It is my great pleasure to announce that our Indonesian Secondary students did exceptionally well in the Education Perfect Languages Championship! They won top prizes in the world for this competition in Indonesian which took place from 16-23 March. Currently, Rehoboth has 128 secondary students who do Indonesian.

Here are the results:

Our School’s Achievement for this competition
1st in WA for the 101-250 student’s category (out of 51 schools)
1st for Indonesian in the 101-250 student’s category (out of 146 schools)
3rd for Indonesian in WA (out of 114 schools)
7th for Indonesian in Australia (out of 561 schools)
13th in Australia for the 101-250 student’s category (out of 290 schools)
19th overall for all languages in the 101-250 student’s category (out of 445 schools)

Our Student’s Achievements
2 Elite Awards (10,000+points)
1 Emerald Awards (5000+points)
3 Silver Awards (2000+points)
6 Bronze Awards (1000+points)
12 Credit Awards (500+points)

Individual Student’s Achievements
Our Year 8 student, Lovenia Anggadjaja came 1st in the world for Indonesian competing against 12,253 students globally who did Indonesian, earning a total score of 25,002 points. Abigail Lau in Year 10 came 7th in the world for Indonesian with 7,710 points.


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