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M and M Maths!

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This term, Year 2 Red completed a maths investigation which combined two units: Chance and Data.

We began our discussions with a reflection on the meaning of chance and God’s role in chance related events. We discussed how our world is not designed to be the same every day, yet God is the same every day. 

Students were then given a small packet of M and M chocolates. They needed to make predictions about what colours might be in their bags and how many of each. 

After making their predictions, students recorded the data in a variety of ways, including tally marks and numbers. 

Students used language to reflect the likelihood of choosing a certain colour or item, based on the data they recorded from their chocolate packets.

For example, it was impossible for students to find a purple M and M, but it was certain they would find a chocolate in the bag. They reflected on the accuracy of their predictions and compared their results to their peers.

Finally, we took the data and organised it into a picture graph. We reflected on ways to organise the graph to make it easy for someone who was reading it to be able to interpret the information.

It was a colourful and delicious investigation!

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