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How Can I Show Jesus to Those Who Don’t Know Him?

Year 6 students at the Wilson Campus recently embarked on a group project, based on the life of Jesus.

The question students needed to answer was: How can I show Jesus to those who do not know Him?

Students worked in their leadership groups and read various Bible passages together. They worked through the five Ds (Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver) that they used last year for project-based learning.

Each leadership group produced a creative and interesting way of showing Jesus to others.

Later Judean Ministry – House Captains – Treasure Box

We believe Jesus is our treasure and what He has given us to live and to have a relationship with our Father in heaven is priceless. This is what we wanted others to understand, treasure comes in all different forms.

Triumphal Entry to Passover – Student Services – Drama

We decided the best way to show Jesus was to do a drama of the time Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey, telling parables, and Jesus’ arrest. Visual drama is a good way to show people what happened to Jesus.

Jesus’ Death – Assembly Team – Live News Report

If Jesus died today, it would be big news, so we felt that people would watch and listen to the news more than any other device. We wanted to show people today what Jesus did for us then, how it still matters today and how important it is for them to know.

Jesus’ Resurrection – Mission Team – Sock Puppet Show

Everyone loves a puppet show and what a great story to do as a puppet show! Working on how to show how Jesus conquered death and rose to sit with His Father in heaven was very exciting. It made us think more deeply about what actually happened.

Pentecost – Environmental Team – Puppet Show

This is when God poured out His Spirit on people, so they could hear the word of God in their own language. We performed a puppet show to show others how this could have happened. What a great way to show others how God created a way for us to talk to each other and learn about His love, grace and mercy.

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