Helping God’s Planet Flourish, Celebrating Creation’s Great Diversity

Primary students in Years 2-4 across both campuses got together in Term 3 to celebrate diversity!

Yes, that’s animals, languages, talents, fish, art, music, and even mosquitoes. God has made everything so unique and wonderful. In fact, there are over 8 million species on earth, including over 1 million kinds of animals!

In our Project-Based Learning activity, students learnt that God has called us to look after the incredible things He has created to make His planet flourish.

The process went like this: students discovered the breadth and beauty of God’s creation. They then defined the problem, dreamt about new ideas, and designed a solution that could be delivered to educate others, both students and parents.

Students had to think together about issues that mirrored their passions and concerns. For the future of education, 21st century learning is all about collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

  • Inspired by the Guinness Book of Records, some students thought about challenges that people could attempt and use their talents.
  • For another group, they wanted to see how fast people could push an Oreo biscuit from their forehead to their mouth, just using their face muscles! (see pictures!)
  • One group wanted to encourage people to read and meditate on Scripture. So, for their presentation, they made Scripture bookmarks people could take and treasure.
  • Learning about other cultures took other groups to Japan. As you can see, one creative team made origami ninja stars, while another made ninja figures from pipe cleaners and ninja stress balls.
  • Discovering God’s world took one group to Kenya, learning about the incredible animals that God had made to live and roam there.
  • Another group went under water to represent the colourful variety of fish and plants that live there.
  • The concern for still another group was the effects of pollution on the world. They were concerned that the ecosystem for many animals is being threatened and many of these creatures will become extinct.

Loving God is about using the gifts and talents He has given to each one of us to serve Him. In this project, students sought to find ways to love our planet in a way that celebrates and protects all the things he has given to us. They did an amazing job. The future looks bright!


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