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Hello from Our Mandarin Classes

Our Primary students have learned many new songs, words in Mandarin, and more about the Chinese culture this term.

你好 nĭ hăo (hello) everyone! I hope you enjoyed Term 2 just like I did. It has been a busy and rewarding term for all of us. We have learned many new songs and words in Mandarin as well as something fun about the Chinese culture. We are blessed to learn the most widely spoken language in the world at Rehoboth. I pray that the Lord will use our Mandarin skills to connect to more people for the purpose of God’s kingdom.

In Term 2, the Year 1 class has learned new songs and words about family members! Do you know that in Mandarin, there are different words to call your brothers and sisters depending on whether they are older or younger than you! We also learned the finger family song. I am sure our Year 1 boys and girls can sing and dance for you with the video! You can use this link to play the video for them to sing and dance along to – The Finger Family

In Year 2, we learned new words for ‘shapes’ and a traditional performance called the Peking Opera. We have learned what the different designs and colours of the makeup or masks stand for in this traditional culture. Our amazing Year 2 students made their unique Peking Opera masks band. They can also tell you what shapes they have on their masks in Mandarin!

In Year 3 and 4, we learned about birthday culture! Do you know that there is one specific type of food that Chinese people must eat on their birthdays? Feel free to ask one of our Year 3 or 4 students. I’m sure they will gladly help you with that question. We also learned to sing the happy birthday song in Mandarin. Feel free to use this link and get your Year 3 or 4 student to sing it to you – Happy Birthday!

In Year 5 and 6, we learned how to write the Chinese characters for days and months. As you may know, the Chinese characters are like pictures, and this is a new challenge for most of the students! I am very proud of their effort in taking up the challenge and producing such neat work.

Thank you for reading our blog on our Mandarin update! I hope you enjoyed it. I pray that the Lord continues to bless us in our Mandarin learning here at Rehoboth and guide us in His wisdom to use our language skills to do His will. God bless you!

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