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Our Excursion to Perth Zoo

A fantastic day was had by all the Year 3 students when we visited the Perth Zoo on Tuesday 19 February. We were blessed with amazing weather and, with the support of our parent supervisors, we were able to visit the Zoo’s four main regions that mimic the animals’ habitats.

In the Australian Bushwalk, we saw a quokka and watched the kangaroos lounging in the heat. We also learnt about the numbat from a Zookeeper.

The African Savannah was alive with lots of majestic and beautiful animals. Of course, the elephants always put on the best performance. The primates were very opinionated and protective of their family and the lion was, as always, full of beauty.

Th Asian Rainforest was a real treat as we got to see the tiger and its vivid colours. The sun bear was the cutest by far.

In the Australian Wetlands we were met with a mist of water through the pathways. It was a well-earned way to cool down after a warm day.

We all learnt about the issues affecting the animals and were able to see and explore the fauna in our local region.

We were able to thank God for the opportunity to see His amazing creation at the Perth Zoo and knew that we were also contributing to the vital conservation ensuring the survival of many species in the wild for future generations.

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