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Drag-A-Dad Hike at Parkerville

Hat? Check! Water bottle? Check! A good stick for walking with? Check! Let’s go! Wait… we forgot Dad!

As part of the Fathering Project, on Saturday 19 April, a group of the Wilson dads and children went on a hike along the Parkerville Heritage Trails. While we called it our ‘Drag-a-Dad Hike’, turns out there was no need to drag anyone. The weather was amazing, the pace was leisurely, and we all enjoyed a great morning.

It was a Kindy to Year 6 event, and I think we were all expecting to have at least a little bit of ‘Are we there yet?’ at some point in the morning. But there was none at all! The children enjoyed walking and laughing with their friends and trying to find the best walking stick. The dads enjoyed having a chat and getting to know some of the newer dads of our community. Not even a slight ‘detour’ could dampen our moods – haven’t we walked past that tree already?

Our hike finished up where we started, back at the Parkerville Tavern carpark. Some dads had to leave straight after the hike, while others stayed behind for some lunch at the tavern. Pizza, fish and chips, chicken burgers – just what we felt like after a great walk.

You would think that after the hike the children would be tired, right? Wrong. There was too much to see at the tavern – bandicoots scurrying under the tables, a creek running through the outdoor area, a playground and grassed area and even an emu!

A big thank you to one of our dads, Mr Chiang, for organising and running such a great morning. If you are looking for something fun to do as a family on the weekend, we recommend exploring the Parkerville Heritage Trails and popping in for a bite at the Parkerville Tavern. 

Keep an eye out for any upcoming Fathering Project events; it’s a wonderful time where dads and father-figures can come along, meet the rest of the dads in the Rehoboth community, as well as support and encourage one another!

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