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A Day at the Zoo with Year 4/5

On Friday 15 June, the Kenwick Year 4/5 class visited Perth Zoo as part of our Biological Science program. Students were placed into groups and, along with their parent helper, were free to roam the zoo at their leisure.

It was a great opportunity to see up close some of the animals that we have been studying this Term. There were a number of highlights that the students experienced, among them were the Orangutans, Pygmy Marmosets and the reptile enclosure. The students marvelled at God’s creations and how the animals were perfectly suited to their environment. Witnessing the feeding time of the African Hunting Dogs was a great experience, as was watching the Elephants perform and paint.

A highlight for me was the outstanding behaviour of our class. It is always pleasing to see students conduct themselves in a thoroughly Christian manner and that they enjoyed their time at the zoo

A big thankyou to the parents for their help. It was a big ask to spend all day walking around the zoo with the students, but we couldn’t do it without you. It was very much appreciated.

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