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Creating Art in Year 2 Red

Creating Art in Year 2 Red

Studying the work of Jimmy Pike has given the Year 2 Red class the opportunity to learn and apply new techniques in their art pieces.

Over the last 6 weeks our class has been studying the work of Jimmy Pike, an Indigenous Australian artist. Jimmy has had a collection of work featured in galleries and uses a signature style which has afforded us the opportunity to learn and apply some new techniques.

We began the lesson series by learning about lines and expression through lines and colour. This began with making marks on white paper around our names. The lines and marks needed to reflect our interests and served as a wonderful opportunity to get to know our classmates. God has made us all so unique and we are all interested in so many different things! We then completed the same art using scratch paper. Students reflected on their previous work and adjusted their designs.

The next chapter in the lesson series involved students making stamps using plasticine which would then be used to print onto paper. The students simply made a shape at first. Once they were used to working with plasticine, they were asked to make an animal that was special to them.

Once completed, they dipped their stamps into paint and stamped in the centre of their page. This was a tricky step and many found that their stamps needed a bit of extra work to ensure the stamp truly reflected the animal they had chosen to create.

Once their stamp painting was dry, students added lines and colours that reflected the style of our focus Artist, Jimmy Pike. Students worked to ensure their lines drew in the viewer to focus on the main subject of their work. What a wonderful reflection of how our own lives should draw others to look at the main subject – Jesus!

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