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Chinese Writing & Mandarin Speaking Comp

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Congratulations to our students for their incredible achievements, considering we have only been learning Mandarin for less than 2 years.

你好 (Ni Hao) everyone!

I have some exciting news to share and would like to invite you to celebrate our students’ great achievements across our three schools.

The Chinese Teachers’ Association of WA (CLTAWA) had the annual State Chinese Writing and Mandarin Speaking competition this term. These are two of the biggest face-to-face Chinese Language competition in WA. Around 50 schools across WA with Chinese (Mandarin) Program participated this year.

The results of both competitions were announced on the weekend. This is the first year Rehoboth took part in these State Chinese Competitions. Our students have not only represented our school with excellence but have also secured remarkable prizes that reflect their dedication and hard work.

Our Primary School participated in the writing competition, and our Secondary School (Year 7) participated in the speaking competition.

Each school was allowed 5 entries for the writing competition, and 2 students for the speaking competition per year group.

In the State Chinese Writing Comp, all our 5 students received prices – 3 of these students received the top prize.

Student Year Campus Category Award
Thalia B Year 3 & 4 Kenwick P Non-Chinese background First Place
Anna K Year 5 & 6 Wilson P Year 5 & 6 Non-Chinese background First Place
Annie R Year 5 & 6 Kenwick P Non-Chinese background Excellence Award
Verity L Year 5 Wilson P Chinese Background Second Place
Grace M Year 4 Kenwick P Chinese Background Excellence Award
2023 CLTAWA Writing Comp Winners

In the State Mandarin Speaking Comp, our two Year 7 students, Essie E and Jemima R, participated and presented their speeches in Mandarin in front of an entire hall of audience. Essie received 5th place across the State!

I am extremely proud of our students’ achievements especially considering we have only been learning Mandarin for less than 2 years (and competing amongst students who have been learning Mandarin for years)! In this moment of triumph, most importantly, we humbly offer our deepest gratitude to our Lord Jesus, the Source of all wisdom and guidance. Thank God for leading and guiding our students’ journeys.

Congratulations to our students for outstanding achievements! Their hard work has truly paid off. Thank you to our families for entrusting us with your children’s education, and for your continued support to our Rehoboth community. Together, we are nurturing the next generation for God’s kingdom.

2023 CLTAWA Writing Comp Winners

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